Bitcoin Scramble



ビットコイン・スクランブルとは、QRコードから早い者勝ちで仮想通貨の秘密鍵を奪い取る、世界初のQRコードを使った暗号通貨連動型ゲームです。あなたもビットコイン・スクランブルに参加しLet’s get Bitcoin !

Bitcoin Scramble is a game that uses acquired via QR codes to create a cryptocurrency Private key-hunting experience that is the first ever of its kind. Give it a shot and try hunting some Bitcoin!

参加方法:How to Play

If, at the specified time, you see the above “scramble mark” displayed anywhere on our organization’s homepage, click it! If you answer the question correctly, a private key will be displayed. “Sweep” the private key! While the specified time will always differ, the mark will not appear within 30 minutes of its last appearance.

ポイント1:Tip #1

If you have a question, the answer is probably on Object homepage, so reading it beforehand is one way to help you in forming your strategy.

ポイント2:Tip #2

Whether you choose a solo battle (where you seek keys on your PC or tablet to get bitcoins that you can access with your smartphone), or group battle (where two players go head-to-head on their smartphones to hunt bitcoins)

プライベートキースウィープ:Private key sweeping

Below are our recommended apps for private key sweeping, as well as the sweeping method for each on both Android and iOS.

Androidアプリ「Coinomi Wallet」でのスウィープ方法

Get it on Google Play

①アプリケーションをインストールおよび起動し Bitcoinの行を押す。
①Install the application. Open up the application and select a wallet “Bitcoin”.
②Open a hunbergar icon (Menu icon, vertically ●●●) and select “Sweep wallet”.

③Touch a small QR code which is right side of 「Type the private key…」and the camera is activated, and then scan a QR code which includes private key.

iOSアプリ「Coinomi Wallet」でのスウィープ方法




①アプリケーションをインストールおよび起動し Bitcoinの行を押す。
②右上のメニューボタン(縦に・・・三つ並んでいる)を押し「Sweep wallet」を押す。
③「Scan QR Code」を押すとカメラが起動し、QRコードをスキャンすると秘密鍵のスイープ作業が行えます。
①Install the application. Open up the application and select a wallet “Bitcoin”.
②Open a hamburger icon (Menu icon) and select “Sweep wallet”.
③Touch “Scan QR Code” and then a camera is activated. Scan and sweep the a QR code by the camera.

・Click the Bitcoin Scramble LOGO as below which shows up somewhere at each page on JCCA homepage.
・Answer a question and click “GO” to next.
・If it was a right answer, private key would show up. You can scan and sweep the private key by using the application introduced above.
・It shows “The private key does not contain any funds” if any information does not exist in a private key.


This is the all about “Bitcoin Scramble”.

If you want to experience the sweep of the private key in advance, create a paper wallet from the following site, send your bitcoin to the public key on the left, and sweep the private key information on the right after ten of minutes.