Japan Cryptocoin Association Launches QR’z, QR Code Picture Logic Puzzle System

-Making QR Codes More Familiar and More Fun-

The Japan Cryptocoin Association (Headquarters: Osaka, Osaka; Representative Director: Kenichi Yamashita) is excited to announce the launch of QR’z (https://japancryptocoin.org/qrz/) on February 28th, 2019 with the objective of raising awareness of the convenience and practicability of QR codes, which are adopted in a cashless society, as a “new form of advertisement.”

QR’z Is a New Puzzle System Combining Advertising and PR
As transiting into a cashless society, opportunities that make QR codes familiar are important regardless of age. Under these circumstances, the Japan Cryptocoin Association launched “QR’z” with the belief that a fun and creative way learning about QR will lead to the creation of new values.

QR’z is free to play. It is capable of transforming sharable information from companies and organizations into QR codes. It can also change the logo embed within the OR code into desired logos.

An Evolved Form of Picture Logic
Up until now, it was possible to determine the pattern before completing a picture logic puzzle. However, user cannot determine the regularity of the patterns in QR’z at first glance, meaning that user do not know if their solution is correct or not until completing the last grid. In addition, as soon as user completed the puzzle, they will be able to read the information contained in the QR code. If the QR code is a “secret key for cryptocurrency” or “gift codes for various companies,” user will receive additional enjoyment immediately after completion, in addition to the joy of solving the puzzle. “Presents of words” should also bring joy. In these manners, the utilization of QR’z can be applied to various fields, and in multiple ways of usage.

Future Development
The Japan Cryptocoin Association aim to build out an environment in which individuals, companies, and organizations can create puzzles themselves. This will allow them to share information for publicity when needed. Symbols that hide QR codes can also be set up individually. Since users accumulate points as they solve puzzles, their rankings can be displayed. Puzzles can be restricted to certain countries, such as puzzles that are limited to people in Cambodia, and it is also possible to look at a map and see how many people from each country are solving the puzzle that you created.

About QR’z Overview
Site Name        :QR’z
Managed by      :Japan Cryptocoin Association
URL      :https://japancryptocoin.org/qrz/
Overview          :A system that transforms information into QR codes that can be shared as picture logic puzzles
Basic System     :Create picture logic puzzles from QR codes to share various information and conduct PR
Paid Services  :Directly update the symbol displayed over the QR code
         Directly update face photos, portraits, and comments
         Directly create puzzles with URLs (links will be inspected)
         Gradually increase the number of puzzles that can be created
         Other implementations are possible by demand
Pricing      :User fees =Free
         Paid services (TBD)=Individuals, corporations, and organizations

About Japan Cryptocoin Association
Representative Director:Kenichi Yamashita
Established  :July 11th, 2014
Address   :1-1-4 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka Hankyu Terminal Building 16F
Association Homepage : https://japancryptocoin.org

Objectives:Established to correctly popularize bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies, crypto assets) and share correct knowledge and abilities regarding cryptocurrency to as many Japanese people as possible.

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